LagZero Interview: Chris Kramer, Managing Director of Digitalmindsoft [Men of War]

Por     el 26/02/09 a las 4:00 pm.


This is the original english version of Chris Kramer’s Interview, for the full story (spanish) please click here.

  • Thank you very much Chris for taking this interview. We want to start with a very simple question about Men of War. What is the motivation behind the idea of creating a World War II RTS game thinking on an already over saturated genre?
“…what is definitely sure is the fact that the game gets a free content update including the Japanese army for multiplayer and several new features!”

I personally think that a genre itself can’t be oversaturated if you deliver an unique gameplay and experience for players.

It’s not so much about whether there are many WW2 games out there but if they have anything in common with a game like Men of War and they definitely don’t have much. World War 2 also gives us a huge variety of scenarios, landscape and technology available through the time that keeps many people interested and seeking for more.

  • What are the main goals to achieve when MoW hits release date? do you have some comercial goal for the first week? what are the main aspects – for the studio – to qualify Men of War’s success?

Sure, we want Men of War to be a success, for 2 reasons, one we feed our families with the work we are doing and the other one is to achieve a quality to reach a high level of satisfaction customer wise.

We want both the commercial success and the happiness of our fans including the longevity of the game. This game has a lot of potential and we want to deliver it to as many players as possible, so they can enjoy it as we do it.

  • Are you planning to use digital distribution?

Yes, it will be available on several online stores. We list them on our specific site.

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