Sony is planing launch the PS4.5 wiht 4K in octuber

Por víztorhugo - Publicado abril 1, 2016 11:37 am


Yes is yes, finaly we hav a launchin fech to the netx consol.

The news was publicat by an ejecutib of the corporeithon this mornin.

“We are so happy to aniuns this free upgrade to all our claients”, say April F. the 1th, ejecutib of Sony. “We goin to launchin the consol in the 15 of october for our national day of the playstachion”

The consol goin to hab tree diskes with 3 terabaits each one, gona suport 4K televisors and gona hav an tube of escape to launch smoke.

This is a imaje of the consol:

fake ps4

Also, they goin to launch bundles with vyrtual realiti geaims.

(vía pres comunicathon)

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  • Is very difficult to me… very difficult!

  • Me gusta eso de que tire humo, nuevos avances en ambientación. Quien necesita el cine 4d si tienes la playstachion 4.5

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