Descarga el parche 1.3 de Call of Duty World at War [COD5 v1.3]

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Activision acaba de publicar el nuevo parche 1.3 de Call of Duty World at War (COD 5) el cual trae unos pequeños cambios y mejoras respecto de las versiones anteriores. En particular, el parche 1.3 de COD 5 ya no sobrescribe las screenshots del juego, mejoras de sonido en Windows Vista, arregla algunos problemas con los comandos para grabar demos y mejora el sistema de autobalance en las partidas online. Para descargar el parche 1.3 de Call of Duty World at War (64 MB), puedes seguir este enlace, o este otro. Lista completa de cambios (en inglés) luego del salto.

v1.3 Patch notes:

  • This patch is incremental, so you will be required to have Patch 1.2 installed in order to install 1.3.
  • /record and /demo enabled in MP.
  • Server Log File improvements, including:
  • Team Names on Kill loglines.
  • Round Win and Loss.
  • Timestamps.
  • Additional action logging (took flag, destroyed headquarters, planted bomb, etc).
  • Improved sound initialization for Vista – fixes loss of sound for audio devices set higher than 16 bit 48000 Hz.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other.
  • Tweaked autobalance on select game modes.

v1.2 Patch notes:

  • Free Multiplayer Map! The tide is out and the sun is high – this daytime version of Makin sheds new light on the battle!
  • Fixed exploits that allowed for power ranking servers.
  • Fixed router related server authentication errors.
  • Fixed HTTP Redirect functionality for downloading mods
  • Fixed sound device crashes stemming from Emulated Sound Devices
  • Fixed exploit which allowed players to color their name tag.
  • Hits now register properly while targeted player is leaning.
  • Enabled /cg_drawfps in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed command-line +connect functionality
  • /cg_fov no longer resets to the default value in between matches.
  • [Dedicated servers automatically reconnect to the Master Server in case the Master Server resets.
  • «Accept Game Invite» is bound to its default key, F10.
  • Implemented fix for attempting to join password protected servers from the server browser.
  • Fine tuned Bolt-Action Rifles for balance.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other.
  • Fixed various multiplayer map related issues and exploits.

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